730: Barbi Hayden vs Shotzi Blackheart
Shotzi is so SO excited to be in NEFW and wants to be best friends with Barbi! Barbi throws Shotzi out of the ring and asks if Shotzi even feels she belongs here. When Shotzi doesn’t leave, Barbi slides out and pummels Shotzi on the apron. Wrapping Shotzi’s long green hair around the bottom rope, Barbi pulls Shotzi and stretches her away from the locked hair. Shotzi gets knotted up in the post and Barbi pulls more against Shotzi’s will. Barbi is showing no sympathy for the vibrant, fun, Shotzi Black. Shotzi takes knees and stomps in the corner and still won’t quit. Barbi is known to always win, will this be her next victory?!

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 7:41
Filesize: 226 MB
Format: wmv