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Name: Jessie Kaye
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Years Pro: 2 yrs

Jessie Kaye isn’t a ‘diva’, a’ model’ or a ‘fashionista’. Jessie Kaye aspires to simply be: a wrestler. After growing up as an overweight teenager of over 220lbs, she lost over 60lbs and turned her life around for the better by making herself healthier, happier, and hotter than ever before. She aspires each time she steps into the ring to learn and grow, but most importantly make a mark by destroying her competition.

Jessie is disgusted by “divas” of the industry that are nothing but fakes and pretty faces. Jessie Kaye is more than just a pretty face; she aspires to be ‘women’s wrestling’.

Finishing Moves: The Tramp Stamp and The Bimbo Buster

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