Justine Silver

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hometown: Tahlequah, OK
Signature Move(s): The Raindance (Ripcord into a Codebreaker)

Silver, 24, started her career in 2011, learning the ropes at FCW from Norman Smiley & Steve Keirn. She started her independent career in 2012, wrestling weekly at Florida Underground Wrestling. In late 2012, she started branching out, furthered her training & began traveling all over Florida for promotions such as USWA, I Believe in Wrestling, Battling Bombshells, etc., feuding the majority of the time with independent star Santana Garrett. In 2013, she continued to travel around Florida, wrestling opponents from Leva Bates to Ivelisse. Starting off as the only female in Uproar Pro, Silver took on Barbi Hayden in an open challenge, Hayden taking the victory after a vicious DDT. Silver then took her talents to CWE, where she won the first ever Vixens tournament to become the CWE Vixens champion. In April 2014, she caught the eye of Shine Wrestling officials who brought her in for Shine 18 in a four way bout, against Floridas own Kimberly & International superstars, Kay Lee Ray & Kellie Skater. She continued to work for the promotion taking on the likes of Neveah, Su Yung & Thunderkitty. In late 2014, Silver moved back to her Native land of Oklahoma to get back in touch with her Native roots, adopting a wolf on her gear to respresent the Wolf clan & to prepare herself to take the wrestling world by storm in 2015.

CWE Vixens Champion
Uproar Pro Wrestlings Female of the Year

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