Kimber Lee

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Signature Move(s): German suplex, Armbar
Split jawbreaker,

Kimber Lee made her debut in 2011 after becoming the first woman to graduate from the Combat Zone Wrestling Academy. Since then she has been evolving and becoming a better wrestler with every day. She is widely accepted as one of the toughest women in wrestling, regularly testing her skills not only against other female wrestlers, but male wrestlers too. In December 2015 she became the first female to win the Chikara Grand Championship, a title previously only held by her male counterparts.

She is regularly seen on just about all of the best women's promotions in the country, usually teaming with her tag partner Cherry Bomb, to form the formidable team of the Cherry Bombs. For several months in 2015, they held all of the major women's tag team titles in the Indies, WSU, Shine and Shimmer.

Chikara Grand Champion ( Dec 2015 - current )
WSU Tag Team Champion ( Feb 2015 - current )
Shimmer Tag Team Champion ( Apr 2015 - current )
MCW Women's Champion ( Nov 2015 - current )
Legacy Wrestling Women's Champion ( June 2015 - current )
Shine Tag Team Champion ( Mar 2015 - Dec 2015 )
PWI Top 50 Female Rankings:
•20145: #18
•2014: #28

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