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New Matches

290 - Alexis Parrish vs Jordynne Grace

Two of NEFW's newest wrestlers face off in a pile driver contest match. Jordynne gets the early advantage on Alexis with a knee to the gut after a test of strength. Jordynne immediately pulls Alexis in and then drops her with a pile driver. After that she nails Alexis with a couple more, including tombstones as well. But Alexis is able to battle back and delivers some pile drivers and tombstones of her own to Jordynne. The fact that the girls can still stand, let alone keep wrestling, is beyond belief as they go back and forth.


285 - Alexxis Nevaeh vs Jordynne Grace

Any time a new girl debuts at NEFW it has almost become a rite of passage that she has to face one of the very elite of NEFW wrestlers, Alexxis Nevaeh. Alexxis takes pride in being one of the, if not the, best female wrestlers in the northeast. Here she takes on the duty of welcoming Jordynne Grace to the NEFW roster. But her idea of a welcome is a little different than what most people would think. Jordynne doesn't back down as she gets right back in Alexxis' face, but pays the price with a low blow kick to open the match.


280 - Biff the Bully vs Leah Von Dutch

Leah Von Dutch makes her return to the NEFW ring as she prepares to face off in another mixed match. She admits to not fairing so well in her previous mixed encounters, but feels very confident that she will be able to turn that ship around and do better this time around. And with that, her opponent Biff makes his way to the ring. Biff mocks Leah saying she looks more like a ballerina than a wrestler, and that she doesn't belong in a wrestling ring. But Leah is determined to prove that she does belong as they lock up. Leah hangs in there at first, but that doesn't last long as Biff takes over and dominates this one sided match.


279 - Davienne vs Jasmin

Davienne is back in a NEFW ring taking on newcomer Jasmin. Davienne lays out the challenge for a No DQ, first to 3 falls match. Jasmin shows good sportsmanship going for a handshake to start the match, but Davienne has something else in mind as she stomps her foot, slaps her in the face and nails Jasmin with a low blow. Davienne shows her strength advantage with multiple atomic drops, a suple and a back breaker to Jasmin. Jasmin makes a brief comeback but is quickly cut off with another low blow uppercut from Davienne, and then is dropped on the top rope with another low blow.