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New Matches

361 - Jessicka Havok vs Veda Scott

On paper, this looks to be a big mismatch, as the much bigger Jessicka Havok takes on Veda Scott. But Veda shows that she came here for a fight today, and brought her A game as she trades shots toe to toe with one of the best and most dominant females in wrestling today. The first several minutes of this match is a fantastic display of technical wrestling ability from two fantastic wrestlers. Eventually Havok pulls out that strength advantage though, and just lifts Veda off her feet and slams her into the corner.


358 - Jessicka Havok vs Mickie Knuckles

Jessicka Havok showed up today looking to face Mickie Knuckles in, what on paper, looked to be an absolute brawl between two of the best and more physical female wrestlers in the country today. Instead, Jessicka comes to find her opponent in the ring today is Raphael, or so she refers to herself, complete with ninja turtle tights. She even has her own legal representative/referee, Veda Scott, to confirm that she is indeed Raphael and not Mickie Knuckles. This leads to several minutes of probably the most entertaining verbal exchange and trash talking that we have ever seen here at NEFW.


355 - Hania vs Shanna

We pick up a match in progress between Shanna and Mia Yim. Mia is forced to submit to Shanna in the camel clutch, as Shanna celebrates as the Camel Clutch Champion. She then immediately calls out Hania, who she says has been talking trash about beating Shanna and taking her Camel Clutch Championship. Hania comes out, and we have another match on our hands. Hania throws Shanna down to the mat as they lock up, and right away locks on a camel clutch, trying to beat the champion at her own game. Hania is really cranking back on this camel clutch, as she has Shanna in real trouble, keeping the hold on her for over a minute. Shanna refuses to submit though, forcing Hania to break the hold.


354 - Mia Yim vs Veda Scott

Mia over powers Veda right from the opening lock up, throwing her down to the mat. That proves to be a preview of things to come for Veda, as this turns into a totally one-sided match. Mia throws Veda across the ring by her hair before choking her in the corner with her boot. She also hits Veda with multiple body slams and suplexes, also a surfboard, bearhug, otk back breaker, a ddt and more. Mia tosses Veda outside the ring at one point to inflict some damage on the floor.