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New Matches

316 - Barbi Hayden vs Shanna

Two of the top stars here at NEFW face off in this match, as Barbi Hayden goes up against Shanna. Special referee Nevaeh is trusted with keeping order in this match, as she checks both girls before Shanna starts making accusations that Barbi is a cheater. Nevaeh definitely has her hands full here with these two ladies, as Barbi takes to the offensive with a boot to the midsection. She follows up with stomps, clotheslines, chokes, chops, surfboards and more.


315 - Jewells Malone vs Kimber Lee

Having just faced each other earlier in the day, Jewells and Kimber are no stranger to each other at this point. Jewells takes control right from the lock up and looks to end this match quickly, and she goes for a tombstone pile driver on Kimber. Kimber somehow kicks out though at 2, and is then able to turn the tables and nails Jewells with a tombsone of her own. The girls go back and forth trading tombstones in unbelievable fashion.


313 - Hania vs Nevaeh

This matchup sees two NEFW fan-favorites face off, as The Gem City Queen, Nevaeh, goes up against The Howling Huntress Hania. What appears to be a very even matchup on paper, doesn't turn out that way, as Nevaeh takes control right from the opening lockup and never lets go. She pounds Hania into the corner with stomps, and chokes. Scoops her up with ease, and body slams her down to the mat hard. Other moves used include surfboards, suplexe, snapmares, multiple bearhugs, scissors, full nelsons, sleepers, and more.


312 - Shanna vs The Kitten Kathy

Portugal's Perfect Athlete Shanna is back in the NEFW ring, this time facing off against a new opponent for the first time, The Kitten Kathy. Shanna approaches her opponent cautiously though, as she is definitely at a size and weight disadvantage here. She is able to get The Kitten down early, as she focuses her attention on her leg and ankle. Shanna keeps up her attack on her opponent's leg, eventually getting her in a leg lock. But Shanna doesn't stop there as she removes the Kitten's boot, and goes after her barefoot, adding in some tickling to try and get her opponent to give up.