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New Matches

346 - Allie Parker vs April Hunter

Allie Parker squares off against April Hunter in a rematch from their earlier bout. Allie is hoping for a different outcome than their previous match, as the girls lock up. April starts things off with a standing wrist lock followed up by a knee right to Allie's midsection. April stalks Allie as she tries to catch her breath, and then April challenges Allie to a test of strength. Allie is at a great disadvantage as they lock up, and April powers her down.


339 - Shanna vs Taeler Hendrix

It seems that we might have a rivalry building here between "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna, and Taeler Hendrix. The girls face off again here, with Shanna sporting her World Cup inspired ring gear. And Taeler craftily uses talk of the ongoing World Cup to distract Shanna enough so that she can get in the first shot to Shanna's throat. Shanna is able to recover while Taeler hols her in a side headlock though, and the girls go back and forth for the next 4 minutes or so, trying to take over the match.


330 - ReggaeDones vs Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard steps into the NEFW ring again in this matchup, this time facing off against a male wrestler in ReggaeDones. Tessa may have been a little naive in accepting this match agains the bigger and stronger male opponent, but you can never doubt the fight and heart in this girl. Before even locking up Dones claims that Tessa is hiding and illegal object in her tights, and refuses to wrestle her. Tessa shows him that she is clean and is not hiding anything, but he insists on checking her himself.


325 - Shanna vs Tessa Blanchard

This match features one of the most highly anticipated debuts in NEFW history, as second-generation wrestler and daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer, Tessa Blanchard, steps into the NEFW ring for the first time. And she wastes no time calling out one of the top NEFW stars, Shanna. Tessa calls Shanna out, and challenges her for her camel clutch championship. Shanna doesn't take to kindly to being called out though, as she attacks Tessa with kicks to the gut, and then throws her outside the ring.